We love our clients and work hard to make sure everyone receives the best service possible.  Below are testimonials sent to us from brides, grooms, mothers, fathers, guests, fans and beyond.

“Look no further for the most fun, talented, joyous wedding band you will ever have the pleasure of collaborating with. We can't recommend these guys highly enough! If you want to minimize stress, maximize amazing music and deliver tons of fun at your wedding- you will not be disappointed.

From start to finish Gussied made us feel like they knew exactly what we were after and would be delighted to deliver it, even as we took our time figuring out our preferences and getting them all the details they needed.Our wedding was a big party at a music venue so we knew music was going to be key to making the whole night come together. We wanted to get our friends and our parents' friends out on the dance floor and clapping their hands-- with music that reflected what we love, with something for everyone but with everything enjoyable to everyone. Mission accomplished- and then some. They are so talented- beautiful voices and incredible musicians- and so fantastic at pumping up the crowd and making a room feel full of joy and happy energy. Our family and friends (serious music lovers) were smiling ear to ear, going nuts on the dance floor, and couldn't stop talking about how phenomenal the band was. We had such a blast we asked them to stay and party when their set was over- we loved that it felt like they were so happy to be a part of our wedding. They are a treat, really. You will want to be friends with them and go see more of their gigs after your wedding- I promise.

And all the little things too made us feel so confident and at ease with Gussied- from asking what the bride was wearing so they could make sure their outfits complemented/not clashed (and they looked so lovely, good work guys!), to gently prodding us to get them the details they needed to start rehearsing, to  warmly and genuinely congratulating us and clapping when they first met us, to being incredibly gracious with all of our guests ranging in age from 80 to 8.   And of course they were 100% professional from start to finish- so easy for the venue to work with and completely transparent with us about costs and organizing all the details you wouldn't remember on your own, responsive to every question and preference and always available to talk things through, and so much more affordable and better value than anything else we came across.  

We couldn't have asked for anything more- a warm and festive Chicago vibe for our wedding which we wanted to be a heartfelt, upbeat celebration of our community-- Gussied was the perfect choice. Thank you all so much for making our night unforgettable!”  - Liz & Dan


“I've been in and at my fair share of weddings. Gussied has been by far one of the best wedding bands I've ever had the pleasure of hearing and seeing. Each person in the band has such a unique persona and the music choices are a perfect blend and unique take on party tunes. Gussied totally read their demographic and covered music from the 90's to current. For a good dance party band, Gussied is it!”  - Miranda


“Gussied played at our wedding in Galena, Illinois in September 2013. We had no idea what to expect but the performance the band gave at our wedding was outstanding. Julia asked us for five of our favorite songs before the wedding that the band would rehearse and play. We sent those songs over, we then heard them played one by one at our wedding but each one was adapted to Gussied's unique bluegrass style. What they did with those songs highlights their exceptional talent - one of the songs was Irish, Gussied played it in a Bluegrass style and some of my Irish family recognized the song and began to Irish dance - hard to explain in words but great to see on the day. By the end of the night we had a crowd of people of the dance floor chanting "one more song" at the band. Thanks again for really contributing to a great evening - class act!”  - Laura & Matt


“This band is a MUST for your wedding.  They are so talented and energetic and unique in their sound and style.  My wedding guests could not stop talking about the quality of music; the band kept the dance floor packed all night!  The band members are so kind and wonderful to work with.  They did a perfect job with our first dance song.  I could not be more thrilled with my decision to hire Gussied.  Live music at a wedding is the only way to go and Gussied is just the band to make your wedding so memorable.”  - Christie & Jer